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Avoid These 4 Mistakes To Prevent Termites In Your Home!

Prevent Termites by avoiding these 4 mistakes

One of the most dangerous threats to South Florida homeowners is Hurricanes! While there is so much to love about Florida (and we do), Hurricanes are still at the top of the list of concerns that many homeowners have and for good reason! When they come, they can cause a lot of damage. They are just one of the realities that come with living in the Sunshine State of Florida. However, there is another threat that Florida homeowners face, and it’s not the weather. In fact, you almost never see it coming, which means you can’t prepare before the “swarm” hits. This threat comes upon you swiftly and silently, causing tremendous damage in the process, damage that can sometimes go undetected for years, making it catastrophic in nature. You’ve likely guessed what this threat is by now… it’s Termites! Discover the 4 mistakes you must avoid to prevent termites from infesting your home!

Unlike Hurricanes which make national news and cause homeowners to be very vigilant in preparing for them, Termites are rarely given the same level of attention and thought. These tiny pests can literally destroy an entire house if they have enough time. So why don’t homeowners take more precautions to protect their homes? Likely because of the age old concept of “out of sight, out of mind”. The fact is, hurricanes get major attention because they are at the forefront of our thoughts once they are headed our way. Termites on the other hand, are small and almost never make headlines. Other than the mandatory Termite Inspection when buying a home, most homeowners never think of them again. This can turn out to be a big mistake. In fact, this is just one of the 4 termite mistakes most homeowners make! But considering Termites cause over 5 Billion dollars in damages PER YEAR, making even 1 of these mistakes could cost you BIG! Let’s dive into the 4 mistakes most homeowners make and see whether you’ve done everything necessary to prevent termites from infesting your home!

The 4 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Prevent Termites!

  1. Not having a termite inspection done regularly: Most homeowners only have a Termite inspection done when purchasing their home. This has to be THE BIGGEST mistake homeowners make! This is because termites migrate seasonally. This means that while none may have been present at your last inspection, they can infest your home at any time during their next seasonal swarm! This is why having an annual termite inspection performed is one of the BEST ways to prevent termites, especially if you live in Port St Lucie, The Palm Beaches, Okeechobee, or Indiantown Martin County. where there is so much wood in homes.
  2. Ignoring obvious signs of termite infestation: Often homeowners see the signs of termites and ignore them. Signs such as “mud tubes”, hollow sounding wood, and finding piles of dropped wings on the floor. Choosing not to investigate these issues sooner could lead to serious issues and fast! This is because the signs are often small to begin with, making the issue seem more like a fluke than an actual problem. However, it isn’t what you see that should concern you, it’s what you don’t see! If you see ANY potential signs of Termites, the BEST thing to do is act quickly and call a qualified Termite treatment specialist. They are trained to discover the scope of the problem if you have one. They can also give you a termite treatment strategy that will prevent termites from infesting your home. More about that in the next point…
  3. Not having an ongoing termite control strategy in place: If you have Termites then you need to get a plan in place to eliminate them quickly and prevent termites from returning. This is super important! If you don’t have Termites, then now is the time too get a solid plan in place in order to prevent them from making your home, their home. This is because the best time to implement termite control is BEFORE you have an infestation. It is always easier (and less costly) to prevent termites than it is to get rid of them and repair the damage they have caused. This is where having an annual termite policy is the best thing you can do as a homeowner! This one thing alone can save you from ever having to worry about dealing with the issues mentioned in this post. Our commitment is YOU, the homeowner, which is why we offer an affordable termite annual policy that includes an annual termite inspection and comes backed by our 1 MILLION dollar Termite Guarantee! You can’t beat the protection and the peace of mind that comes with a policy like ours!
  4. Expecting homeowners insurance will cover termite damage: Unfortunately, if you do have any termite damage in your home, you will need to cover the repairs yourself. Too many homeowners assume their insurance will cover termite damage. But this is a false sense of security because, unlike with Hurricanes, homeowners insurance DOES NOT cover termite damage. Any damage your home experiences from termites must be paid for out of your own pocket which is why taking measure to prevent termites from entering your home should not be a back burner issue.

The Best Way To Prevent Termites From Infesting Your Home!

Termites are often overlooked because they are out of sight, out of mind. But this doesn’t mean you need to lay awake at night wondering about termites. However, to truly keep the issue off your mind, we suggest you purchase an annual termite policy. Having this policy in place means you don’t need to give Termites any more thought. You can focus on enjoying your home and living your life while we take care of all your Termite needs for you! Call today or request a free quote to set up a Termite inspection and learn how to safeguard your home with our annual termite policy!

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