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If Termite activity has been found at your residence, the next step would be to treat them as soon as possible. This is known as termite control. In Port St Lucie, termite control is not always conducted the same, as the different species of termites require different procedures to properly eradicate them. There are different methods to treating each type of termite as well, with some being more effective than others. Here at The Bug Guys, we believe in giving you only the most effective termite control procedures if you ever do have a termite infestation. 

Our Termite Control Involves Advanced Strategies

For Florida subterranean termites such as the asian subterranean and formosan termite infestations, the most effective method is treating the soil which they frequent.  This form of termite treatment will involve a liquid injection into the soil. Since they are by nature returning to the soil and underground a tent fumigation method would not provide the results of eradicating termites in one foul swoop. Liquids provide a proven termite treatment method that can stop an entire colony in just 1 treatment.  Liquid control systems use a non-repellent product, meaning that the termites will not know that the soil has been treated. As the termites travel through the treated soil, they contact the termiticide liquid and then pass it to their colony members. This achieves a complete protective barrier and effectively removes the pests from your home. 

For Florida Drywood termites who do not make contact below the soil surfaces, treatment needs to therefore be conducted above ground.  The most effective way to remove these type of infestations is done through tent fumigation. By covering your home with an industry specific tent and applying a gaseous form of termiticide, you can effectively shut down the entire colony at its source.  Since termites of this type move from area to area, simply removing a piece of furniture that is colonized is not enough. Removing the entire colony is a highly recommended form of termite control. Our trained and experienced specialists are ready to help you identify which type of termite control procedure you should have done to effectively remove your infestation as soon as possible!

Not All Port St Lucie Termite Treatment Services Are Equal

Once we treat your termite infestation, we will not stop there! We want to help you feel reassured that our service has worked properly and effectively so that you can have the peace of mind that your home is protected.  The next step we recommend is preventing new termite colonies from finding your home.  Since termites move from area to area, the next important step is to get on the defense from new colonies from making your house their new home.  This is known as the preventative termite treatment phase. 

Not all Port St. Lucie termite treatment methods are equally effective. Termite bait stations are a popular choice for some pest control companies here in the Port St Lucie since they are simply to install and require you to continue paying for the bait to be replenished. Since these bait stations are placed up to 20’ apart, the effectiveness of this method relies on the termites ability to simply stumble upon a bait station on the way towards your house. These methods do not create a proper barrier needed to keep out these foreign invaders. We don’t know about you but that is not a method we would want used to protect our greatest asset

Why Our Termite Treatment Strategy Is So Effective

We believe in the proven method of creating a true termite prevention barrier. We deliver this by treating the soil of your property which has far greater prevention effectiveness than stand alone bait stations. Do not allow your home to be invaded as these pests walk right past the traditional bait stations. We are standing by and ready to give you a preventative termite treatment that is specific to your property and take every precaution against termite attacks by creating a defense system that will last!

Why You Should Hire Professionals For Your Termite Control Needs

Do It Yourself is a great way to save money on repairs and prevention measures for your home and property. If you do consider yourself a DIY’er, and are curious of the possibility of treating a possible termite infestation yourself, here are a few things to consider: 

  • Not all methods of termite control and prevention are the same: Experience in classification is a key element to effectively eradicating termite infestations, especially since Port St. Lucie termite control is not always conducted the same from species to species.
  • Effective products and safety: Knowing the proper liquids and procedures can be a health safety issue.  Your living space can be affected negatively if professionally licensed and qualified personnel do not administer treatments.
Advanced Termite Treatment Port St Lucie
  • Lack of proper equipment: Equipment specific to the industry of pest control management is necessary while properly treating and preventing termites. A tent for fumigation for example is necessary for proper fumigation of Drywood termites. 

When in doubt about a possible termite issue, give us a call or request a free quote.  We would be glad to give you a detailed breakdown of how we could help you with all your termite control needs!

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