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Did You Know?
  • Termites Cause $5 BILLION Dollars Of Damage Each Year
  • Termite Damage Is NOT Covered By Homeowners Insurance
  • Termite Damage Can Go Unnoticed for Months or Even Years
  • Termites are quite often mistaken for ants.

Termites In Florida Cause Millions in
Damages Each Year!

Here in Port St Lucie termite inspections are needed more often than you would think.  That’s because even the mention of the word Termite makes every homeowner cringe!  This is for good reason too, seeing that these tiny menaces leave a path of wood destruction in their wake.  Here at The Bug Guys, we take this reality very seriously.  We know you have worked hard to invest in your property, and we are passionate about helping you protect it!  Our mission is to stop termites in their tracks, BEFORE they make it to your woodwork. Don’t let your property be the next meal for these swarming insects, stop them before they even make it into your home. Our trusted system of Port St Lucie termite inspection and prevention will give you peace of mind that will last into the future.. today!

Each year in the U.S. termites cause more than 5 billion dollars of damage. Also what most homeowners do not know is that termite damage to homes is NOT COVERED by homeowners insurance. Not only that, but they often go unnoticed for months until it is too late.  While silently targeting your house and multiplying their numbers for months without detection, these sneaky pests can be hiding right where you sleep. So we cannot stress enough the need for a pest control expert that is well versed in the products and is the right “termite inspection near” me expert.

Some may ask the question: “So what is the big deal if we have a little wood damage in a small area of our house from termites?” Well, to answer this: the dangerous truth is that termites are experts at completely devastating the structural integrity of the woodwork in houses.  This is not only a cosmetic issue, as woodwork within walls works together to provide structural integrity, oftentimes working to hold the entire house together! As soon as termites finish devastating one wood structure, they simply move to the next until your home is left with all but useless wood structures.

If you have a suspicion of termite activity, it is always best to have a PROFESSIONAL TERMITE INSPECTION conducted.  We would be glad to help you identify if there is any activity and create a customized strategy on stopping them and keeping them from coming back.

Can You "DIY" Port St Lucie Termite Inspection?

Knowing what type of species of Termites you may be dealing with is important, as the ways to counteract their activity can vary from species to species. This is important as the amount of time it would take for certain termite species to completely destroy your woodwork depends on what type of termite you are dealing with. The Subterranean and Formosan Termites of Florida for example, tend to have insatiable appetites and devastate any wood in sight to feed their millions of colony members, whereas the drywood termites tend to be more shy and reside within walls and are rarely seen. The especially dangerous Formosan Termite colonies can number in the MILLIONS and they do not use nests or travel through underground tunnels.  So addressing a termite problem as soon as you have a suspicion is always the best course of action.  Here are the 3 most common Florida Termites we see here in termite inspection Port St Lucie FL jobs, Martin County, and Indian River County areas:

Subterranean Termites

  • The subterranean termites of Florida also have long bodies and longer heads but longer Pinchers when compared to their formosan cousins. They are also Translucent, but differ
    in that they are a Grayish-Brown Color which makes them similar to wood and therefore difficult to see against wood structures and soil.
  • Subterranean Termites of Florida rely on the soil for moisture, so they have to take constant trips back and forth to the dirt.  This in turn keeps them from moving along their path of destruction as efficiently as their Formosan cousins.
  • Subterranean Termites are actually more widespread throughout the world than their formosan cousins, so their total DESTRUCTION IS GREATER throughout the globe. For this reason, it’s absolutely critical that you have an effective and preventative termite treatment plan in place!
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Formosan Termites

Okeechobee Termite Inspection
Photo credit: U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture
  • Formosan Termites of Florida have longer bodies with shorter heads and shorter Pinchers.
    They are a Translucent, Orange Color which makes them easy to see against wood structures and soil
  • Florida Formosan Termites colonies usually have  the largest colonies of all the native Florida species, and can number in the millions in a few short months.
  • Formosan colonies of Florida are able to eat 1 POUND of wood each day! If you think you might have termites, it’s important to have a trusted and trained pest control technician implement a customized termite treatment plan in Port St. Lucie today!

Drywood Termites

  • Drywood termites of Florida are a lot larger in size than common subterranean termites, however their nests are usually much smaller. They are also Translucent, but
    differ in that they are a White-Brown Color which makes them similar to wood and therefore difficult to see against wood structures and soil.
  • Drywood Termites of Florida do not rely on soil for moisture, so they often GO UNNOTICED until the damage is done.  Their whole colony lives within the wood they eat. So inside wood structure walls common for most houses, the colony can eat up several areas before humans notice their presence. They are cryptic in nature and do not want to be seen so they move slower along their path of destruction, but still cause considerable damage. This is why we offer termite treatment plans that eliminate Drywood Termites and keep them away for good!
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When dealing with Termites in Florida, time is the greatest enemy and prevention is always the best course of action. If you are looking for “termite inspection near me” or “termite control near me”, then you have come to the right place! When in doubt, give us a call or request a free quote for your termite inspection today!

"Termite Inspection Near Me" Services

In Port St. Lucie termite inspection is a necessity! Since termites can quickly damage thousands of dollars of house infrastructures, it is important to have a scheduled routine termite inspection regularly, especially if prior termite activity has been detected.  At The Bug Guys, we know that your house is your biggest asset and protecting that investment is crucial. The Treasure Coast, FL is our home too and our commitment is…YOU!  

Exterminators near me

The Best Termite Inspection Port St Lucie FL Has To Offer!

Catching the tell tale signs of these destructive critters can be tough.  That is why we recommend that a regular termite inspection be conducted at your home by a pest control provider that has the skills and experience to find termite presence quickly and accurately. In Port St. Lucie termite inspection is a necessity due to the variety of wood frame built homes. But wood frame homes are not the only types of house that are affected by termites. If you have a concrete block house, termites are capable of showing up in walls through small cracks and spaces even in brand new homes.  That is why a good rule of thumb is to have your property inspected for termites yearly. Don’t let another day go by without knowing if you have termites living in your house. Schedule a routine termite inspection today!

Signs Of Termite Infestation:

  • Mud tubes– Tube shaped tunnels along concrete, walls, and foundations. This is a telltale sign of Subterranean termites. These mud tubes are their pathways back to the soil where they get their moisture.
  • Inconsistent wood damage – Subterranean termites in Port St. Lucie and south florida are picky eaters! They prefer to eat the soft parts of wood. To get to the soft wood they create neat, lined patterns with remnants of soil. Drywood termites will eat both soft and hardwood. They also will leave inconsistent patterns of eaten wood since their behavior is erratic.
  • Hollow-sounding wood – Although the surface of wood may look intact, a sign that termites have eaten away the wood below the surface is a hollow sound when tapping.
  • Weak, squeaky floors – A weak or sagging floor could be a sign of subfloor wood structures being eaten away by termites.
  • Pin-sized holes in drywall – Since termites consume walls from the inside out, they often puncture through the drywall. Subterranean termites specifically will attempt to patch the holes with soil to keep their pathways intact, while drywood termites will leave holes open and move on. Either way this is a dangerous situation.
  • Peeling and bubbling paint from moisture damage – Subterranean Termites require moisture to survive. With the creation of their mud tubes within your walls, excess moisture can cause paint on wood and drywall to bubble and peel away.
  • Piles of discarded wings – Termite wings resemble fish scales and are very delicate. After a swarm, the wings will break off. Often in the same area so piles of discarded wings can be noticed.
  • FRASS- termite fecal matter – Subterranean termites do not create noticeable frass since they utilize their excrement as a lining for their mud tubes. Drywood termites do however create small holes in the wood they eat and colonize to discard their excrement. This is most notably like the appearance of mounds of salt and pepper directly against wood.
  • Loose or damaged laminate floors – Subterranean termite activity creates excess moisture which in turn can lead to wood/laminate floor issues.
  • Drooping Drywall – Termite activity in drywall can create strength and moisture issues within drywall.  This can be seen by drooping drywall.
  • Stuck windows or doors – Termite activity near windows and doors can create a sticky situation.. Literally. Frass and soil buildup issues can cause the pathways for doors and windows to become stuck.
  • Maze like patterns in wood furniture – A flashlight can sometimes reveal maze-like patterns within the wood structures of furniture.  This is usually a sign that drywood termites have colonized that furniture! If you find this to be the case, or you are looking for If you are looking for “termite inspection near me” or “termite control near me”, then you have come to the right place! Call Today!

Port St Lucie Termite Control Is Crucial

If Termite activity has been found at your residence, the next step would be to treat them as soon as possible. This is known as termite control. In south Florida termite control is not always conducted the same, as the different species of termites require different procedures to properly eradicate them. There are different methods to treating each type of termite as well, with some being more effective than others.  Here at The Bug Guys, we believe in giving you only the most effective termite control procedures if you ever do have a termite infestation. Here’s what you can expect when you hire us:

For Florida subterranean termites such as the asian subterranean and formosan termite infestations, the most effective method is treating the soil which they frequent.  This form of termite treatment will involve a liquid injection into the soil. Since they are by nature returning to the soil and underground a tent fumigation method would not provide the results of eradicating termites in one foul swoop. Liquids provide a proven termite treatment method that can stop an entire colony in just 1 treatment.  Liquid control systems use a non-repellent product, meaning that the termites will not know that the soil has been treated. As the termites travel through the treated soil, they contact the termiticide liquid and then pass it to their colony members. This achieves a complete protective barrier and effectively removes the pests from your home.

For Florida drywood termites who do not make contact below the soil surfaces, treatment needs to therefore be conducted above ground.  The most effective way to remove these type of infestations is done through tent fumigation.  By covering your home with an industry specific tent and applying a gaseous form of termiticide, you can effectively shut down the entire colony at its source.  Since termites of this type move from area to area, simply removing a piece of furniture that is colonized is not enough.  Removing the entire colony is a highly recommended form of termite control.  Our trained and experienced specialists are ready to help you identify which type of termite control procedure you should have done to effectively remove your infestation as soon as possible!

Not All "Termite Control Near Me" Services Are The Same

Once we treat your termite infestation, we will not stop there!  We want to help you feel reassured that our service has worked properly and effectively so that you can have the peace of mind that your home is protected.  The next step we recommend is preventing new termite colonies from finding your home.  Since termites move from area to area, the next important step is to get on the defense from new colonies from making your house their new home.  This is known as the preventative termite treatment phase.

Not all Port St. Lucie termite prevention methods are the same.  Termite bait stations are a popular choice for some pest control companies here in the Treasure Coast since they are simply to install and require you to continue paying for the bait to be replenished.  Since these bait stations are placed up to 20’ APART, the effectiveness of this method relies on the termites ability to simply stumble upon a bait station on the way towards your house.  These methods do not create a proper barrier needed to keep out these foreign invaders.  We don’t know about you but that is not a method we would want used to protect our greatest asset! 

We believe in the proven method of creating a true termite prevention barrier. We deliver this by treating the soil of your property which has far greater prevention effectiveness than stand alone bait stations.  Do not allow your home to be invaded as these pests walk right past the traditional bait stations. We are standing by and ready to give you a preventative termite treatment that is specific to your property and take every precaution against termite attacks by creating a defense system that will last!


Do It Yourself is a great way to save money on repairs and prevention measures for your home and property.  If you do consider yourself a DIY’er, and are curious of the possibility of treating a possible termite infestation yourself, here are a few things to consider:

  • Not all methods of termite control and prevention are the same: Experience in classification is a key element to effectively eradicating termite infestations, especially since Port St. Lucie termite control is not always conducted the same from species to species.
  • Effective products and safety: Knowing the proper liquids and procedures can be a health safety issue.  Your living space can be affected negatively if professionally licensed and qualified personnel do not administer treatments.
  • Lack of proper equipment: Equipment specific to the industry of pest control management is necessary while properly treating and preventing termites.  A tent for fumigation for example is necessary for proper fumigation of drywood termites.

When in doubt about a possible termite issue, give us a call or request a free quote.  We would be glad to give you a detailed breakdown of how we could help you with all your pest control needs!

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We give what other Port St. Lucie pest control companies will not… a 100% guarantee! We stand by our workmanship and give a 100% guarantee of our work. If you find that bugs have returned to your home, give us a call and we will return at no cost to you!  Don’t sweat it, because we’ve got you covered!   All of your exterminator needs in Port St. Lucie are covered.  Don’t go one more day wondering if your Port St. Lucie termite control company is giving you the reliable expert termite control your home deserves.  You work hard, and we will work hard to protect your home!


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With Our TERMITE GUARANTEE You've Got Nothing To Lose, But Termites!

Just as the quality of pest control companies in Port St. Lucie can vary, termite warranties vary from company to company. Here at The Bug Guys we believe in giving the very best termite warranty in the business. The Bug Guys Termite Warranty offers:

  • $1,000,000 subterranean termite warranty coverage for all new damage to the structure and contents; including all repairs such as the painting of damaged areas, as well as the repair of damaged furniture (from entertainment systems to jewelry boxes).
  • “Zero” dollar deductible.
  • Covers all new damages from subterranean termites including the destructive Formosan termite.
  • Our warranty stands, regardless of new foundation cracks or masonry failures.
  • Annual exterior inspection and perimeter termite control spray at no additional charge.
  • Our warranty is transferable to a new homeowner if the home is sold.
  • Renewable agreement.
pest control port st lucie
pest control port st lucie

WDO Inspections
In Port St Lucie (Wood Destorying Organisms)

WDO Inspection Port St Lucie

What Are WDO's?

WDO is the acronym that stands for “Wood Destroying Organisms”. The most common types found in South Florida are the Drywood Termite, Subterranean Termite, Formosan Termite, wood destroying Ants and Beatles, Dry rot and Fungus Damage. The very common WDO is fungus damage.  In Port St Lucie WDO Inspections, the most common place for this is at the bottom 1/3 of garage service door entrances and garage door openings. A WDO inspection is crucial since WDO’s collectively cost people and property billions of dollars in damage across the whole United States.

WDO Report
WDO Report

Do I Need A WDO Inspection?

First and foremost, you must determine whether WDOs are attacking you. When present, termites and ants leave behind calling cards around the property, but an untrained eye could overlook them. They are thought to cost the U.S. $5 billion in damage annually, so if in doubt, always hire a pro. The first reason you would need a WDO inspection would be for the actual damages to your property.  The second reason would be if you were purchasing a home with a VA Loan.  There is a high likelihood that you will need to pass a WDO Inspection and turn in a WDO Report in order to go through with a VA Loan.  Luckily, The Bug Guys are here to help!

What Is In A WDO Report?

The standard WDO report has 5 sections to it, each of which is an additional level of detail to the inspection.


This section contains items where the WDO inspection company, the property where the WDO inspection is taking place, the date, etc.


This section contains items that have indications of an active infestation, infection, or infestations that have led to or resulted from an infestation or illness are included in this area. An example would be if we discovered fungus damage to the bathroom floor or eaves, as well as an active Carpenter ant/ beatle, Drywood Termite, or Subterranean Termite infestation. Most sales agreements stipulate that these things must be fixed.


This section includes items of conditions that kept the inspector from accessing any areas of the property or simple were not visible. These areas would not have been inspected and are placed on the WDO as such.


Section 4 includes information of previous inspection and/or treatment that was been found on the property. It also gives a place for the inspector to specify if the entire house, or just one area has been treated.


Section 5 is a space for the inspector to write down any other comments they have noted while on the WDO inspection, as well as a disclosure that states that neither the licensee or the inspector had any financial interest in the property.

So if you are need of a WDO inspection, need to turn in a WDO report, or would like an inspection for your piece of mind, feel free to give us a call today!

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