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Termite Tenting For Drywood Termite Treatment

Our Port St Lucie Termite Tenting Services Are Highly Effective For All Of Your Drywood Termite Treatment Needs!

Are Drywood Termites Pestering You?

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Our Drywood Termite Treatment Has You Covered!

Drywood Termites are a particular species of termite that are known for living within hardwood found inside your home. They are referred to as dry because they do not require the moisture of soil to survive but instead can live within dry wood that has not yet decayed. This includes wood all over your home from the warm, dry attic beams to wood furniture and even wood accents such as picture frames. This makes Drywood Termites a homeowners enemy #1!

Port St Lucie is a prime location for Drywood Termites due to its tropical climate. Specific species of Drywood termites live within low-humidity wood such as the dry lumber of a home’s structural support beams and find ideal circumstances to thrive and continue their destructive work. They are especially destructive when attacking the wood structures within your walls. Even concrete block homes have dozens of wood pieces within the walls, such as for window framing, door framing, and hanging drywall. Once you have an infestation, in many cases, Tent Fumigation for Dry wood termites will be the recommended course of action.

If you suspect you could have Drywood Termites then call us immediately! We will inspect your home for signs of activity and infestation. Then we will develop a custom Drywood Termite treatment program that will effectively get rid of your termites.

Drywood termites are different from subterranean termites (another Port St Lucie nuisance) in that they live inside the wood and can go undetected until damage is already done. They work slowly and the damage accumulates unnoticed over time. These pests can be active for years without your knowledge, causing over 5 Billion dollars worth of damage to homes every year! What’s worse is that Termite damage IS NOT covered by homeowners insurance!! Once termites have entered your home, they will settle into areas that go mostly unseen such as attic beams, wall supports, and even floorboards. Working almost silently, these pests will cause a weakening of your home’s structural framework until it literally begins to crumble and fall apart around you.

Searching for Termite Tenting Near Me?

Signs of Drywood termite infestation include the possible sighting of what appear to be white ants, detached insect wings lying in groupings as well as dried pellets of fecal matter. Once you begin to notice the signs of termite activity, it is important to call a Termite Fumigation Professional to evaluate the situation and advise you and set up an effective Drywood Termite treatment strategy. This strategy may include termite tenting if you’re dealing with an infestation.

If you suspect Drywood Termites have affected any part of your home call The Bug Guys and request a Termite Tenting Consultation. Our Drywood Termite Professionals can determine to what extent your home may be affected. If it is determined that your home requires a full Drywood Termite Tenting Treatment, you will want only Certified Termite Professionals treating your home. The Bug Guys will provide you with instructions on every step of the process to ensure your home is preserved and protected. Treating your home by Tenting a house for Termites will be a comprehensive process that will ensure the safety of your family, pets, and personal belongings. It is important to take the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself and those important to you during the termite tenting treatment. 

If you suspect you might need Termite Tenting then call us immediately! We will inspect your home for signs of activity and infestation. Then we will develop a custom Drywood Termite treatment program based around your needs!

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What To Expect When Tenting A House For Termites

When considering tenting a house for termites in Port St Lucie, there are a few things you should know. Termite fumigation is a process that uses dangerous chemical gas. It is imperative all people, pets, plants, medications and other items of importance are first removed from the house. You will be given clear instructions on how to assure that anything that could be affected by the termite tenting process, is removed and safely secured elsewhere. Our highly trained and skilled Drywood Termite technicians will assure that in the preparation process, your home’s interior doors, drawers, and cabinets are opened to create the optimal circulation of the fumigating gas. Your exterior doors will remain firmly closed and locked and signs will be posted warning that they are tenting a house for termites and Termite Fumigation is in process. 

We Specialize In Termite Tenting For Drywood Termite Treatment In Port St Lucie

When tenting a house for termites, the Termite tent is firmly fixed around the entire structure of your home and sealed appropriately before termite fumigation gas is pumped into the home. Once the house has been filled with the fumigating gas, there will be a waiting period to ensure that sufficient time has passed to allow the Drywood Termites to be fully saturated with chemical gas.

Sadly many homeowners are unaware that Drywood Termites can survive a heavy dose of chemical gas if the process is hurried. Once sufficient time has passed, we will begin removing the termite tent.  Once the Termite Tent has been fully removed, the house will first be aired out with all doors and windows open to allow for ultimate ventilation. Next, an air sample will be taken to ensure that the air in your home is safe for you to breathe. Once the air reaches safe levels, you will be made aware that it is safe for you to return to your home.

Termite tenting for Termite Fumigation is a dangerous process that requires a certified professional technician. When Tenting a house for termites, you want to ensure your home is effectively treated so that you can return back to your normal day to day routine quickly. While tenting a house for termites might seem like a massive inconvenience, the cost of postponing it is far greater! Drywood Termites pose too great of a risk to the structure of your home. It is better to take action quickly than to risk possible total loss in the future!

Termite Tenting for Drywood Termites Port St Lucie, FL

Why You Should Hire A Drywood Termite Treatment Professional

Tenting a house for Termites Port St Lucie
Need Termite Fumigation Port St Lucie?

When Drywood Termites infest your home, you will do just about anything to evict these unwelcome house guests. Oftentimes, “do it yourself” seems like a great way to save money on repairs and prevention measures for your home and property. While we understand your concern entirely, doing it yourself just isn’t a viable possibility when it comes to Drywood Termite Treatment.   

Here are a few reasons why: 

  • Not all methods of Drywood Termite Treatment are effective: Experience  is a key element to effectively eradicating Drywood Termite infestations.  

  • Effective products and safety: Knowing the proper products and procedures to use can be a health safety issue. Your home can be negatively affected if a professionally licensed and qualified technician does not administer treatments.

  • Lack of proper equipment: Equipment specific to termite fumigation and Drywood termite tenting are necessary for properly treating and preventing future infestations. 

When in doubt about a possible Drywood Termite issue, the best thing you can possible do is give us a call or request a free quote. It’s fast, easy, and free! Once you schedule the appointment, we will handle it from there and walk you through the process, answering any and all questions you may have! Plus, our Termite Treatment is backed by our 1 year guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but termites! Call today and you will receive $100 off your initial Termite treatment as well!

If You’ve Got Drywood Termite Problems,

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We give what most Port St. Lucie Drywood Termite Treatment companies will not… a 100% 1 YEAR GUARANTEE!! If you find that Termites have returned to your home in that time, give us a call and we will return at no cost to you!  Don’t sweat it, because we’ve got you covered!


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